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But that's how I found it!



One of my customers today brought up a full shopping tote of stuff. As I started scanning her clothes in, I noticed how a maxi dress that’s normally $44.94 came up as a perfect tank for $8.50. I showed her this and said it may have been an error at the…

There was a lady who tried doing this at a grocery store I used to work at, but at self checkout. Joke was on her though, because the machines also record the weight of the items. If the weight was mismatched with the item, the self checkout would prompt a cashier to come assist the customer. So, for example, if you put a sticker for say, a 50¢ pack of gum on a much larger item, let’s say, a gallon of milk, the machine KNOWS that a pack of gum does not weigh as much as a gallon of milk. Thus, there will be a notification for assistance.

So this goddamned lady had more than half of her items with stickers like this, and after I had to “help” her about 5 times (I noticed what she was doing the first time, but of course, couldn’t accuse her), I voided her transaction and took her to a normal register. Almost every single thing in her cart had a different sticker on it. -_- So I was just like, “Oh wow! How’d that get on there??” and I peeled of the stickers and scanned the normal price.

She tried to argue with me, too, and ask to speak to a Customer Service Manager. I just smiled and tapped my badge and she shut right the hell up. Of course she ended up leaving most of the items, but I was sure to warn all my cashiers about her haha.

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